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The printing works

pali pali, accélérateur de projets culturels, sociaux et solidaires organisera l’occupation temporaire de l’ancienne imprimerie de la Banque nationale de Belgique jusqu’à son redéveloppement par ses nouveaux propriétaires, les développeurs immobiliers gantois et bruxellois, 3D-Real Estate et Burco Europe.

pali pali crée, gère et dynamise des lieux de rencontre et d’expérimentation, fabriques d’une société innovante et durable : incubateurs, tiers-lieux, occupations temporaires. Après le See U et le Grand Hospice, c’est le troisième projet d’envergure confié à l’équipe qui y mènera un projet original. Au programme, un « tiers-lieu artistique » offrant une diversité d’ateliers et d’événements autour de la création. 

A study (Plan Atelier / Level Five/Permanent) shows that half of professional artists can't make a living from their craft, even though the majority of them devote more than 30 hours a week to it. Cumulating odd jobs is part of life as an artiste, souently out of financial necessity. And artists with their own studio spend at least half their income on accommodation and workspace. The 20,000 square meters of this former printing works are a welcome addition to Brussels' temporary cultural scene.

The printing works will open its doors in May 2022, and will be home to the next Brussels Gallery Weekend, which will celebrate its 15th anniversary from September 8 to 11, 2022. The event launches the season with a dynamic program of exhibitions, discussions and visits to the city's leading contemporary art galleries and institutional art venues. It affirms a strong commitment to the Belgian art scene, highlighting the dynamism of a sector, its know-how and talents that shine far beyond our borders.

According to Edouard Meier, Managing Director of pali pali: "After See U and the Grand Hospice, we are delighted with the trust placed in us by Burco and 3D Real Estate, enabling us to enhance the value of a remarkable heritage site in the city of Brussels". 

Peter Verlinden, CEO of 3D-Real Estate, and Thibaut Dumortier, Managing Director of Burco Europe, commented: "Making this building available to artists and young entrepreneurial projects in Brussels is in line with our vision of sustainable development for projects that must fit into their environment right from the start of the process. The use of these spaces as part of a resolutely societal project is part of this vision and will help anchor our project in its rapidly changing neighborhood. "