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Kersel and pali pali join forces to offer a Communication & Sustainability package

Sustainability issues and their communication are a key challenge for all companies. Kersel and Pali Pali have decided to join forces in this area. In addition to managing a number of players in the social economy (See U, Grand Hospice, L'imprimerie), Pali Pali has decided to join forces with Kersel to offer a range of consulting services designed to help organizations and companies make the transition to a more sustainable and responsible model, and to manage stakeholder communication and management effectively and ethically.

Kersel and its founder Stephan Salberter have supported major companies in this transition, such as ING and AG Insurance. After an initial collaboration with Kersel in the context of the implementation of School 19, the two organizations have decided to formalize their partnership, building an offer that ranges from sustainability strategy design to operational implementation. sustainability strategy to operational implementation, based on four pillars:

Sustainable Transformation Strategy and Communications. They accompany organizations on their sustainable development journey by assessing their strategy, redefining their raison d'être (mission, values, activities), designing action plans and defining performance indicators, as well as stakeholder management and communications strategy.

Employee commitment. Due to the consequences of the "new normal", it is even more important to safeguard employees and ensure their well-being.pali pali assesses an organization's work culture and reinforces a positive environment by implementing collaborative solutions and tools.

Ethics, diversity and inclusion. An organization is defined by its culture. It is expressed through its values, processes and behaviors, including ethics, diversity and inclusion. pali pali helps assess the current state of an organization's ethical culture and reinforces a culture of integrity and trust among employees.

Certification. Certifications and labels provide external validation of commitment to sustainable development. pali pali implements the relevant certifications, labels and tools: Sustainable Development Goals, B Corp, Ecovadis, ESG.

This offer will be led by Olivia de Bie, who has an extensive track record in this field, thanks in particular to her time with the Deloitte group.

For Pali Pali CEO Edouard Meier, this new offering "is a strategic and logical development of our social commitment. Our methodology and techniques from the cultural, creative and societal sectors, combined with Olivia de Bie's profile and Kersel's expertise in stakeholder management and strategic communications, make up a truly congruent and relevant offering for SMEs and major groups alike.".

For Stéphan Salberter de Kersel, a brand revealing studio whose motto is "Use your voice for good use your voice for growth, it's time to move on from storytelling to brand actionism, with a coherent red thread between words and deeds for SMEs and major groups. We're going to help them, with a clear, tailored offering, to meet the challenges facing society.".

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