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100% Creative Cohort

Launch of the second 100% Creative cohort!

pali pali's mission is to accelerate cultural, social and solidarity-based projects. The 100% Créative program, financed by the European Union and implemented by Enabel in Guinea, fits into this framework and has supported 50 project leaders and cultural entrepreneurs on the Conakry-Kindia-Mamou axis in the fashion, design and audiovisual sectors.

Over a 6-month period, the entrepreneurs received training(LAFAAAC) and support from local (Réseau National des Incubateurs de Guinée) and international (pali pali) experts in three stages.


In the ideation phase, prior to the start of the incubation and acceleration programs, the "Entreprendre dans la culture en Guinée" pathway was made available free of charge on January 15 via the LAFAAAC mobile application to the 430 pre-selected project leaders, including the 57 project leaders supported in cohort 1 (36 selected for incubation and the 21 selected for acceleration), as well as to 35 members of RESAE incubators.

As soon as the incubation and acceleration phases were launched (March 6), LAFAAAC made its training courses available on its mobile application. These courses combine those dedicated to entrepreneurship and business structuring in the different sectors of the project (fashion, design, audiovisual, and the digital dimension), and more specialized training in certain sectors (notably audiovisual: international co-production, shooting/editing a video, writing a series script, film and TV make-up, writing and hosting a radio show, etc.). 

The 50 entrepreneurs in cohort 1 were offered a total of 11 courses, each comprising between 4 and 8 training sessions. 

Diagnosis and coaching

The projects then underwent a diagnosis of their activity. The purpose of the entry diagnosis is to assess the project or company at the time it enters the support program. Using a participatory approach, it helps determine the development priorities and objectives of both the company and the entrepreneur.

The sessions were one-to-one between the entrepreneur and the expert, to facilitate exchanges and enable each entrepreneur to identify his or her difficulties and priorities, or to benefit from the expert's advice. They took place online, using digital assessment and communication tools accessible to all entrepreneurs.

The individual coaching sessions were a privileged opportunity for experts and entrepreneurs to transform the companies' weaknesses into strengths and thus boost their development. Based on the entrepreneurs' individual diagnoses, we identified a support strategy adapted to each one, which is included in each entrepreneur's file on a dedicated application.  

Sector workshops

In addition to this individual support, in-depth workshops focused on themes related to the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs. The diagnosis carried out identified weaknesses in both the entrepreneurs and their companies.  

For incubatees and acceleratees, these workshops were preceded by work between international and national experts.

The sector week was organized and led by the network's own experts and co-hosted by international experts. Depending on the sector and program (incubation and acceleration), entrepreneurs were grouped together and paired with specialized experts for training and coaching sessions.

The diagnosis of the companies had also identified an obstacle linked to the digital culture and the use of social media to increase their visibility. After the digital workshop, the entrepreneurs received support from experts to create and improve their presence on social media: facebook, instagram, whatsApp business etc.

Launch of the second cohort

Building on all this experience, on July 13 our program will celebrate the end of the first cohort and the start of support for 50 new project leaders.

If you would like more information about the event, please contact us at Or register here: https: //