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Creatives unite against COVID-19!

Juliette Greindl and Tommy Onraedt are two creative collaborators who both play a big role in the world of events. They decided to combine their passions and artistic talents to create a way to support medical staff fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Creating the new Stay Safe, Stay Creative platform has made this possible, since March 20, 2020, after the containment announcement.


The concept started with a collection of posters for sale, designed by Tommy Onraedt, thanking all the workers on the front line, whether they save lives or fill the shelves of supermarkets. The posters raise awareness of those who risk their lives for others and create the platform for donations. The posters are created using bright colours, and 18th and 19th century engravings printed on a 45×45 cm format. The concept has grown, they have now launched their website with other products for sale. Their goal? A poster campaign.

Stay Safe, Stay Creative's partners have enabled them to take the concept to a wider scale. In partnership with Yannick VDC, All Music, Brussels Tonight and Silent Jill (RTL), they launched the website with the new collection of Covid-19 t-shirts and totebags, in addition to the famous posters. The ambition of the whole team is really to raise awareness about the frontline jobs that are forgotten and that are exposed to the virus every day to help us live our lives as normally as possible.


Juliette Greindl and Tommy Onraedt have chosen to donate the proceeds to the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO leads and collaborates on the global effort, supporting countries in the prevention, detection and response to the pandemic. Donations will be used to ensure that care is given to affected patients, to procure essential equipment such as masks, gloves and protective gear for frontline workers, to ensure that the medical profession gets all the information and training it needs to detect and treat infected patients, to develop vaccines, tests and treatments, and overall, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The next goal of Stay Safe, Stay Creative is a national poster campaign, with the aim of generating greater awareness. Through various partnerships with CosMotion, Rapid Media and Culture and Promotion, this campaign will be made possible. The concept involves a video being shot during the development of the campaign, using the six different posters representing the
frontline jobs in the Covid-19, created by Tommy Onraedt. The video will be broadcast on social networks, and through mass sharing they will be able to reach a wider audience to raise awareness.


The products made by Juliette Greindl and Tommy Onraedt required a lot of creativity and thought, from the chosen trades to the colours, to the concept of receiving an object in exchange for a donation, as well as the idea of being able to give it to a loved one whose trade is on the front line.

This explains why they decided to use portraits illustrating the different professions, such as doctors, nurses, garbage collectors, salesmen, soldiers, pharmacists, scientists... the list goes on.

CosMotion, a street-marketing agency founded by Juliette Greindl, will organise the national spread using an urban poster campaign. All partners, such as Rapid Media, Vision-Visu and CosMotion will send their own CEOs alone to the streets to start the campaign, at their own expense.

They are aware of the risks and will ensure that the necessary precautions are taken.

Their priority is to raise people's awareness as much as possible about the frontline professions that risk their lives every day, as well as donations to the WHO.

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