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See U /// New "Watch Your Step" mural

New 1000m2 mural visible only from the air / By TAVU & LOUVES at See U.

In the early stages of decontamination, when everyone is talking about change and transition - socially, economically, politically and ecologically - the next steps, the next decisions and the next few years will be decisive.

This is why artist collectives TAVU & LOUVES have chosen to represent the issues of this period through a new collaboration. This work, the WATCH YOUR STEP fresco, was created on an unusual support: a roof of over 1000m2, within the See U temporary occupation buildings, in the heart of Brussels and visible only from the sky.

She encourages us to reflect on the before and after, and to take a step back during this critical period. About lifestyles, essentials, the emergence of new habits.

WATCH YOUR STEP can be read in several ways, depending on the shot. These include lettering reminiscent of some of the slogans used in major protests over the past year, showing that the urgency of these changes goes beyond the health crisis we're experiencing: " No more G-spots, less 5Gs, No culture, no future, We won't go back to normality because normalitywas theproblem, Warmer than the climate, More ice, less bankers, Let's go kayaking, Amazon nie, Beyond borders , Build bridges, not walls" .

This creation, entirely free and self-produced, is visible from the sky and is part of a long-standing collaboration between the two collectives, TAVU & LOUVES, who regularly join forces to create artistic interventions in the city. Their approach is rooted in values that have an impact on the way we look at the future.


Louves is a Brussels-based art collective created by Cathy Gagalis Vega and Clarisse Jeghers. The artists met at La Cambre and joined forces in 2017. Atelier Louves travels to leave its identity on all supports: textiles, walls, windows, objects, silkscreens, packaging... Their universe is graphic and each creation is inspired by a place, an encounter or a collaboration.


TAVU is a visual communications agency and artists' collective which, for the past 6 years, has been committed to the values of local roots, city outreach, artistic occupation of public space and human-scale collaborations in Brussels. TAVU created the entire identity and visual supports for See U.