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INSPE Grenoble

New temporary occupation in Grenoble

Pending the deconstruction of certain existing buildings to allow the creation of the new "Berthelot-Zola" block, the City of Grenoble and SAGES, developer of the EcoQuartier Flaubert, have decided to open the doors of this site to the general public by making it available for an innovative transitional occupancy project for a period of 4 years (from early 2023 to late 2026). Located to the north of the EcoQuartier Flaubert, between the city center and Grenoble's Villeneuve district, close to the MC2 and the Bifurk, the project concerns the buildings formerly occupied by the Institut National Supérieur de Professorat et de l'Education (INSPÉ ex IUFM).

To coordinate this project, the City of Grenoble and SAGES have launched a public tender to appoint a site coordinator responsible for a triple mission of coordination, stimulation and animation. The main content of this mission consists of :

- Coordinate and support future occupation of the site, ensuring overall coherence;

- Offer a variety of one-off projects and activities throughout the year in the buildings and outdoor spaces, while respecting the history of the neighborhood and the environment.

pali pali (, a gas pedal of cultural, social and solidarity projects, has been selected to organize the temporary occupation of the INSPE Grenoble site over the next few years. A recognized figure in temporary occupation in Belgium, pali pali will be operating its first temporary occupation project in France in Grenoble. The plan is to create a third-location space combining a number of complementary activities in the same area: production spaces, cultural and social activities, sustainable food, etc. The occupants will be selected on the basis of their skills and experience. The occupants will be selected through a call for expressions of interest currently underway. They will be announced in early 2023.

Create a new convivial space in the neighborhood

The aim of the project is to create a new convivial space in the neighborhood, thanks to its social and inclusive programming. This occupation will test and prefigure the uses of the future neighborhood, and feed into the definition of the final project. The site will be open to the public, and neighbors and local players will be involved to reveal the neighborhood's intensity and identity.

For the new manager and founder Edouard Meier, "pali pali is very enthusiastic about the idea of creating a new venue in Grenoble. Our ambition is threefold: to bring together several complementary activities, and to offer a mediation and welcome center for the neighborhood.

For Yann Mongaburu, Grenoble City Councillor in charge of Tactical Urban Planning, "after Les Volets Verts, at the Abbaye, the City of Grenoble is proud to be able to count on the recognized experience of pali pali for this second major transitional urban planning project. By providing new resources for cultural, social, sustainable food, health and hospitality ambitions, this experiment will open up an exceptional site that was previously closed to Grenoble residents, and nurture the future of the Flaubert eco-district project".

For Philippe Cardin, Chairman and CEO of SAGES, "this is the first tactical urban planning project of this scale for SAGES. We are developing our practices to feed into the reflections of the final project, and thus bring to life places awaiting the development of the urban project".