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Bequal Festival

2nd Bequal Festival

The curtain has fallen on the Bequal Festival, but the echoes of the event still resonate in the corridors of the Grand Hospice. Organized by Les Voyageurs Sans Bagages, this festival once again made its mark with its commitment to art, culture and inclusion. If you weren't lucky enough to attend, or if you'd like to relive the moment, here's a look back at a memorable weekend that warmed our hearts and stimulated our spirits.

The Bequal Festival: a hymn to inclusion and culture

This arts event took place in the historic grounds of the Grand Hospice, welcoming a diverse and varied audience. Led by Les Voyageurs Sans Bagages, its noble ambition is to promote equality and inclusion through art and culture. 

This year, we witnessed an explosion of talent and creativity. Famous personalities such as Zidani, Mousta Largo and Ras el Hanout lit up the stage with their presence. Theater was sublimated by the performances of Sacré Mômans and Compagnie Os'O, and Lay This Drum's concerts thrilled the atmosphere. Slam found its voice with FeminiX, while DJ Retro Cassetta set the dance floor alight with an energetic set.

But the event didn't stop there! The circus was represented by Cie Mocktail, and comedian SOUSOU made us laugh out loud with his one-man show. Dance also found its place with a performance by Saturation. And who could forget the stand-up comedy club, brilliantly hosted by Mouss' from Voyageurs Sans Bagages and Smile comedy? Jimmy Vandael, Salim Shady, Sarah Lélé and Oxymore & Hicham El Hariri all got in on the laughs.

We were also privileged to attend a film-debate hosted by Noureddine Zerrad & Fionn Perry, as well as entertainment and shows for children. And to top it all off, the weekend was punctuated by the unforgettable beats of the famous DJ Be A. This year was a true celebration of art and culture!

A Weekend rich in emotions and discoveries

The Bequal Festival offered a memorable weekend of intense emotions and artistic discoveries. Festival-goers were transported into a vibrant and captivating universe, where every moment was an opportunity to marvel and be surprised. Here's an overview of this unforgettable weekend:

Right from the start of the festival, the atmosphere was electric. The first visitors were greeted by a variety of interactive workshops and artistic performances that aroused their curiosity and stimulated their creativity. Young and old alike were enchanted by the immersive activities, which allowed everyone to express themselves and discover new art forms.

On Saturday and Sunday, festival-goers were treated to a series of exciting talks and debates on the theme of inclusion and equality. Experts and committed artists shared their thoughts and experiences, nourishing the minds of participants. These moments of exchange were a real source of inspiration and helped raise public awareness of important issues facing our society.

The festival was also marked by an open-air concert that captivated audiences until the late hours of the night. The artists set the stage alight with spellbinding performances, transporting spectators on a memorable musical journey. The vibrant melodies and driving rhythms created a festive atmosphere and gave everyone the opportunity to dance and let themselves be carried away by the music.

This weekend was much more than a simple artistic gathering. It was a true celebration of emotion, discovery and self-expression through art. Every moment of the Bequal Festival was an opportunity to connect with others, share emotions and open up to new perspectives.

Bequal Festival Highlights

The Bequal Festival was a veritable explosion of talent and emotion, with many memorable highlights. Here are just some of the highlights of this exceptional edition:

The opening of the festival with Lay This Drum was a truly fiery spectacle. This group of female percussionists brought an infectious energy to the Grand Hospice, transporting the audience into a rhythmic and captivating universe. Their performance was a true ode to the power and creativity of women in the world of music.

Throughout the festival, festival-goers enjoyed an eclectic selection of artists from a variety of disciplines. Theater, dance, music, slam and many other artists shared their talent and passion with the public. Each show was a unique opportunity to discover original art forms and to be swept away by captivating performances.

The Impact of the Bequal Festival: more than just a cultural event

This initiative aligns perfectly with the values of Pali Pali and Grand Hospice, which are founded on inclusion, diversity and equality. It was an event that not only celebrated art and culture, but also promoted an important message of acceptance and mutual respect. It offered visibility to those who are often under-represented, and highlighted the richness of our community.

An essential aspect of the Grand Hospice is the diversity of its public. We are proud to welcome people from all walks of life, and we are convinced that our strength lies in this mix. It's more than just a place to relax: it's a vibrant space for life and encounters, enriched by every visitor. We aim to perpetuate this diversity, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, through an inclusive approach. This vision guides our decisions and events, anchoring the place in a dynamic of openness and solidarity.

In conclusion: an event not to be missed

It was a rich and inspiring experience for all those lucky enough to take part. The festival not only provided a platform for art and culture, but also for equality, inclusion and diversity. We can't wait to see what Les Voyageurs Sans Bagages has in store for us next year.

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If you weren't able to attend this year, we hope to see you next year for this wonderful celebration of art, culture and inclusion!