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Ravenstein Gallery

New impetus for Galerie Ravenstein! 

The Gallery entrusts its programming and the management of its temporary spaces to pali pali. 

An important pedestrian link between the Upper and Lower Towns, the Galerie Ravenstein is a well-known landmark for all Brussels residents, welcoming over 25,000 visitors a day. 

It was originally intended to revitalize the district, which had been hard hit by the destructive construction of the Nord-Midi junction. Conceived as a shopping mall with 81 stores, it was built between 1954 and 1958 in the International Style, based on plans by architects Alexis and Philippe Dumont, who also designed the Shell building next door. 

A historic gallery

The gallery continues the tradition of the great covered passageways so characteristic of the 19th century, with a modern style featuring a concrete vault and glass bricks, and an impressive concrete dome inlaid with hundreds of glass bricks arranged in concentric circles. Many Brussels residents and commuters continue to use this thoroughfare, which is still home to shops, offices (including those of cultural institutions such as Bozar and the Bouwmeester) and catering establishments.

Its programming and the management of its temporary spaces will now be handled by pali pali. pali pali is a recognized player in the management of exceptional buildings in Brussels. Founded in Brussels in 2016, the company specializes in the management of incubators, third places and temporary occupancies.

The company currently manages 7 venues in Brussels, Wallonia and France:, Grand Hospice, L'Imprimerie de la Banque Nationale, La Fonderie, Galerie Ravenstein, DEF (La Louvière) and La Correspondance (Grenoble), demonstrating its ability to manage large-scale projects, hosting over 600 events and 150,000 visitors a year. 

Its references include See U /, Belgium's largest temporary occupation synonymous with social innovation and sustainability, learning and experimentation; the Grand Hospice, a 16,000 m2 complex whose programming has revolved around social and cultural themes since 2021, thanks to the support of the CPAS of Brussels; and the temporary occupation of the former printing works of the National Bank of Belgium, in which pali pali operates an artistic third place offering a diversity of workshops and events around creation.

A new space in the heart of La Rotonde

In the Galerie Ravenstein, pali pali will be setting up a new space in the heart of the rotunda with the help of the Traumnovelle architectural practice. The Brussels-based office, founded in 2015, seizes on crisis situations as a potential vector for openings towards new forms of community. It operates in academic, cultural and all the more mainstream forms of architecture. 

pali pali will be hosting an ambitious program of concerts, exhibitions and surprises to be announced shortly!