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Creatis Bruxelles supports RTBF's 2021 Ideas Accelerator

Creatis is a platform dedicated to innovation, cultural industries and media. Creatis promotes the development of projects with a strong social and societal impact. Over the past 8 years in Paris and 4 years in Brussels, Creatis has been supporting entrepreneurs in the cultural and media sectors, and has established itself as a benchmark in France for media entrepreneurs, and in Brussels for cultural entrepreneurs:

  • 260 projects hosted and/or supported (including 54 media projects), including 40 in Belgium
  • 500 entrepreneur.e.s alumnis
  • 75% business survival rate after 3 years
  • 100 experts (culture, media, new technologies, business, legal, communication and design)
  • 2600m2 of facilities in Paris and 800m2 in Brussels for offices, training, events, podcast and video production.

Alongside Creatis, which supports teams at Radio France, France Télévisions and France Médias Monde, Creatis Bruxelles will support RTBF in its Accélérateur d'idées 2021, an intrapreneurship scheme designed to foster innovation within the company through the creativity of its employees.

Creatis will be running an intrapreneurship training program for RTBF employees on the theme of "Creating links", focusing on new digital solutions. The aim is to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship by :

  • Making the most of innovation methodologies ;
  • Promoting cross-functionality;
  • Promote inter-group media emulation;
  • Detecting new opportunities for RTBF.

Creatis will offer :

  • A combination of online training (asynchronous) and personalized advice, differentiated according to phase.
  • A mixed team: local with expertise in the French-speaking Belgian media ecosystem (Creatis Brussels) and international (Creatis Paris, which has already carried out this program for French operators with Datagif).
  • A team specialized in training for intrapreneurship in the media sector: Creatis, expert in supporting intrapreneurship projects in the media sector DataGif, expert in designing and testing prototypes for the media sector
  • Bridges and interactions with inspiring entrepreneurs from the Creatis Paris emerging media program.