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Accelerator of cultural, social and solidarity projects

/ Locations

Gas pedal of cultural, social and solidarity projects, pali pali creates, manages and dynamizes places of exchange and experimentation:incubators, third places, temporary occupations(, Grand Hospice, L'imprimerie, La Correspondance, les Pavillons).

/ Cultural, social and solidarity

Pali Pali's mission is to support projects that enable the transformation of organizations towards a more cultural, sustainable and responsible model.(coaching programs,CSR strategy and implementation, employee engagement, ethics, diversity & inclusion) .


  • While waiting for the deconstruction of some existing buildings to allow the creation of the new "Berthelot-Zola" block, the City of Grenoble and the SAGES, developer of the Flaubert EcoQuartier, have decided to open the doors of this site to the general public

  • pali pali and Traumnovelle are laureates of Crea.Brussels for the project PAVILLONS, a project of dismountable and mobile third place. Resulting from the circular economy, the pavilions allow to create a convivial place to meet, organize an event, and even sleep. They


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