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Creatis Beijing 2021

For the 2021 edition of Beijing Design Week, and following the cancellation of the 2020 edition, Creatis is proposing a new format in recognition of the impact of Covid 19: Creatis Digital Beijing.

Successful 2019 edition

In 2019, Creatis Brussels, Belgium's first business incubator dedicated to the cultural and creative industries, successfully offered a 5-day cultural business coaching program to showcase Brussels' image for cultural innovation and initiate concrete projects.

Each of the participating companies brought a project to fruition thanks to this trip, and forged lasting relationships with their Chinese counterparts. The best example of this is the Collectible Contemporary Art fair project, which led not only to an exhibition project in China (postponed because of Covid 19) but also to the participation of the prestigious Art Lexing gallery at the Collectible edition in Brussels. 

Impact of Covid 19

The aim of the program remains to select entrepreneurial projects with concrete links or development possibilities in China, and to seize the opportunity of Beijing Design Week to accelerate their development. The ambition is also to create lasting relationships between these projects and the Chinese cultural ecosystem, by relying locally on genuine partners.

The impact of Covid-19 on the creative industries is forcing us to rethink our relationship with culture, making it impossible to simply reproduce 2019. This new edition will therefore aim for digital success, with the selection of projects including an online component accessible by the Chinese market.

Call for projects for the 2021 edition 

In concrete terms, 5 Brussels-based companies will once again be invited to Beijing to accelerate their development and initiate concrete actions on Chinese territory. These companies will follow a support program designed to maximize their chances of setting up successfully in China, and to initiate bilateral collaborations. To achieve this objective, our program will once again benefit from the expertise of Doors and Best of Belgium, with whom we collaborated in 2019.

You are....

A Brussels-based company that has developed an innovative solution or product, with a digital presence, in the fields of cultural and creative industries (CCI) such as audiovisual, video games, music, performing arts, visual arts, entertainment, digital media, etc.

Would you like to...

- Present your project to the Chinese market;

- Approach institutions, local authorities, developers of cultural real-estate complexes, venue operators and private companies in the CCI sector;

- Understand market needs and local competition, and identify potential partners.

Send your application (1-page presentation of your company) to