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Olivia de Bie joins pali pali as sustainability and responsibility manager

pali pali is delighted to welcome Olivia de Bie to its team as sustainability & responsability manager. Organizations with a well-defined sustainability strategy have a positive impact on their customers and society, increase employee well-being and are more attractive. Thanks to their agility and long-term vision, they can better anticipate and create sustainable value. Drawing on her experience at Deloitte, Olivia will work with all stakeholders, from board members to employees, from strategy design to operational implementation, to ensure the commitment and success of projects.

What's your background?

I've always had a deep-seated desire to have a positive impact on those around me and on the world, without really knowing how to go about it. Passionate about multiculturalism, innovation, entrepreneurship and human relations, the possibilities are endless.

During my business studies, I quickly found the field in which I was going to blossom and which fascinated me: corporate ethics and sustainable development. It was obvious to me: companies have a responsibility to society. 

After a first experience at Unilever, during which I got involved as much as I could in CSR projects, I started at Deloitte and worked for the Deloitte Foundation and the Ethics program. It was a very rich experience from both a human and a professional point of view. I was able to develop and set up CSR and ethics projects, and participate in the implementation of the 'Purpose' project internally. 

In May 2021, I was lucky enough to meet the Entrepreneuriat & Transition project leader, who offered me the chance to join them in their entrepreneurial adventure as coordinator for 6 months, just long enough to launch the asbl and organize E&T Day in October. 

Alongside this, I'm staying active by getting involved as a Gen T (notably on the board), and then Changemaker, with The Shift. In 2020, a friend and I set up the "Home Sweet Homes" group, which brings together volunteers to help out in homes to relieve staff and support residents suffering from the current situation. 

Why join Pali Pali?

I first met pali pali at Ecole 19 (pali pali helped set up the school with the Kersel company) a few years ago, and I immediately recognized myself in the company's vision and activities. Since then, I've been following their projects, which I find interesting for several reasons: they're innovative, disruptive, and always have a positive impact on society. So it was a no-brainer for me when the opportunity to work with pali pali arose. 

pali pali is a small, dynamic and professional organization, with a Mission (with a capital M!) and strong values that are similar to my own. 

pali pali's projects are each more exciting than the last, always with the aim of having a positive and inclusive impact on society. 

pali pali is about people with different backgrounds, experiences and skills, and a proximity to socio-cultural and solidarity projects. 

pali pali is an environment in which I can apply my knowledge, learn and grow while having a positive impact on society.  

What are your missions at pali pali?

In pali pali, there's lots to do! And it's exciting! 

For my part, I'll be concentrating on Sustainability and developing the sustainability consulting offer (CSR, ethics, commitment, inclusion). My main tasks will include setting up the offering, developing the network, and monitoring the eco-system to ensure that our services are high-quality, innovative and efficient. 

Finally, I will also be advising, accompanying and collaborating with companies in their transformation towards a (more) sustainable organization. From reshaping the meaning of the company, to the operational implementation of CSR projects and activities, to the design of ethical and sustainable development strategies, our aim with pali pali is to accelerate the transition while respecting the 3 Ps (people, planet, profit).