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pali pali and Traumnovelle are winners of the Crea.Brussels award for their PAVILLONS project, a dismountable and mobile third-place. Derived from the circular economy, the pavilions create a convivial place to meet, organize events and even sleep. They transform unoccupied spaces into extraordinary experiences.

This is the first collaboration between pali pali and Traumnovelle. As a gas pedal of cultural, social and community projects, pali pali creates, manages and energizes meeting places and experimental spaces: incubators, third places, temporary occupancies (See U, Grand Hospice, L'imprimerie).

The Traumnovelle office, best known for having represented Belgium at the 2018 Venice Biennale, has imagined a series of five pavilions, with different shapes and capacities, which can be used for different purposes and create a veritable Tiers-lieu, a real camp when grouped together.

The pavilions can be used for cultural events, rented out for private outdoor events, or used for more innovative concepts, such as urban camping.

With the support of Crea.Brussels, an initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region, operated by ST' ART in collaboration with Hub.Brussels.