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pali pali

pali pali is looking for its Horeca partner!

As a gas pedal of cultural, social and solidarity projects, pali pali creates, manages and energizes meeting places and experimental spaces that imagine an innovative and sustainable society. Incubators, third places, temporary occupancies(See U, Grand Hospice, L'imprimerie). At a time when the company has expanded and will soon be announcing new spaces, we are conducting a limited consultation to find an Horeca associate/partner. Because to create a venue, it's necessary to understand its history, its environment, its audiences, and to create its own identity, as well as a convivial space, we want to join forces with a partner who shares our values, who will develop its activity on all our projects, and create with us a real events offer.

The structure we want to partner with may already be active or in development. Ideally, it should have a catering offer or product as well as the capacity to create a bar offer. Above all, it must share our values, and want to join a fast-changing company. They would join the Pali Pali company through a share transfer/purchase to be defined, so as to be fully integrated into a new development.

If you would like to join our Pali Pali projects and develop an activity with us, please write to